In a highly competitive market and a context of increasing economic changes, our clients are faced with making decisions on how to remain competitive and increase their market share.

Not only does Gestion HB help clients structure and plan the future of their hygiene and sanitation activities but it also provides support in defining their strategic vision, making relevant right choices and preparing for implementation by means of training programs.

Gestion HB and its multidisciplinary team have extensive experience as hygiene and sanitation consultants, managers, trainers and experts. It is a consulting firm of experts, a point of reference for knowledge, experience and technology. From audits to master plans, Gestion HB provides the keys to success, expertise and innovation in transforming all aspects of hygiene and sanitation.

In addition, Gestion HB provides assistance and counsel on the implementation of IT solutions best adapted to your situation:

  • Establishment of an action plan based on comprehensive diagnostics
  • Study of client’s specific needs and actual capacity of services
  • Implementation of work procedures
  • Structuring of periodic, weekly, monthly and yearly tasks
  • Reports to identify deficiencies and/or inadequacies
  • Follow-ups and implementation of recommendations on required corrective measures and new modifications

Gestion HB’s reputation is built on maintaining long-term relationships with clients based on a thorough knowledge of their operations, goals and consulting services.


Gestion HB, a team of expert-consultants that will guide you, accompany and advise you in order to optimize the operational performance of your organization in terms of hygiene and safety of your buildings. Our mission: to maximize your productivity level, improve your corporate image and contribute to the security of your property.


Gestion HB offers turn-key solutions in hygiene and sanitation of buildings for building managers, the industrial and food processing sectors, schools, health care and more.


  • Innovative Approach
  • Superior Service Quality
  • Integrity and Professionalism
  • Efficient and Imaginative Solutions
  • Constant Support to your Growth
  • Excellent Return on Investment